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Thursday, 29 November 2007

Hello people! huixian here to revive the dead blog! It seems like there is poor response for the class outing, uh? I only received response from Shirlyn, she suggested Escape Theme Park. The rest I'm not sure if any of you even bothered to sms Brenda or Kangning. For those in favour of the class outing idea proposed by Brenda, please sms Brenda or Kangning, alright? Thanks! :D

Okay, I know everyone's been doing their holiday homework diligently(ahem), so here got some very lame de anti-climax ghost stories for you people to read and destress! ^^

Anti-climax Ghost Stories
(credits to forumpire )

Ghost Story #1

When I was young, I lived in a deserted kampong deep in the jungle. Every night, my mother could ask me not to go home too late as there won’t be any transportation after a certain time.One night, before going home, I ta pao a kueh teow soup for supper. I was late and I waited for the taxi/bus but there was none. I was getting worried as the night was getting darker and darker. So I tried to flag down private vehicles to take me home.There was no one stopping for me, till one motorcyclist took compensation on me and stopped to give me a lift. He was a man with a kind face. I accepted his offer and got onto his motorbike.On the way home, we would pass by a temple. At night, the temple would look eerily spooky with the dim lights from the candles.At first, the motorcyclist was warm and friendly. When the temple was approaching, the motorcyclist eyes grown bigger and bigger. His kind face turned to a face of anger. He was muttering something loud but was not audible to me. I was so scared that I closed my eyes in order not to see his angry face.

Then, the motorcylist stopped in front of the temple and then yelled at me.“Your kueh teow soup is so hot!! It is burning my thigh! Can you please move it away???”

Ghost Story #2

When I was young, I have two friends who were very close to each other. They played with each other everyday. It was like, if you see A, you would see B next to him. They were always together.A loved fried eggs. Whenever he went out for lunch or dinner, without fail, he would ask for fried egg on top of his noodles, fried rice, etc.One day, A involved in an accident and died. B was devastated. B went to the cemetery to pray everyday. He would go to the nearest restaurant and ta pao a box of fried rice with an egg on top to be offered to A when he went to pray to him.The next day, he opened the box and there was no egg inside! B was petrified. He thought, must be A who came and took the fried egg away.The same thing happened the next day and the day after that. B was confused. So, one day, he asked the chef to make the same fried rice with a fried egg again. Then, he went to the cemetery to offer it to A. Curious, he opened the box to check for the egg. He was angry to find that, there was no fried egg in the box after all.
Feeling that he had been cheated, he went back to the restaurant and demanded to see the Chef. “Where is the fried egg?? I told you there must be a fried egg inside!! You have cheated me for a few days now! Gimme back my money!!”
Then, the Chef got really angry and opened the box - the fried egg was inside the box.The Chef said, “Stupid! You open the box upside down. No wonder you cannot see the egg!!”

Ghost Story #3

When I was young, I went to town to work with a group of friends during our summer holidays of two months. Being young and away from home for the first time, we drank and smoke like nobody’s business.One night, we were pissed drunk and flagged the last bus down to go home.Being tired, we slept in the bus. It had been awhile that I fell asleep. I was awake by thechilly wind. I was shocked to find that there was no one in the bus, and I was the last passenger. I looked in front to check out for the driver. But the driver was no where in sight. Yet, the bus was moving. I panicked. I rubbed my eyes to make sure that I was not dreaming. The night was dark and cold.I hysterically jumped out from the bus and tried to run as hard as I could to get away.

Then I heard someone yelled at me from behind the bus.“Hey! Don’t run away! Come over here and help to push the bus!” yelled the bus driver.I saw my other friends helping to push the bus, which broke down while I was asleep.

Ghost Story #4

My friend lives in Hougang Ave 8 (Singapore). One evening he went to town for a movie with his friends. He was having a lot fun before he realized it was getting very late. He quickly made his way home. It was unusually dark and creepy that nite. As he was walking, he was astonished to find an old, creepy-looking street peddler selling some books along the road. It gave him the shivers when he noticed this pale old guy staring at him.The old guy said, "Son, why don't you get a book ... it will keep you company". My friend acted brave and thought why not. He had a look at the old man's collection ... his hair began to rise up on end when he noticed all the books were related to the supernatural. Nonetheless, he found one that was very interesting so he asked the old man, "How much is this, Uncle?" The old guy replied, "Well son ... that's an interesting book ..it's $25." My friend was shocked and said "But ...but ...that's so expensive.." The old man said nothing but glared at myfriend which freaked him out. He quickly rummaged through his pockets & found $20."T-t-this's all I have" he said. The old guy replied,"It's okay, son... u can've the book for that price." As my friendhastily paid for it & made a dash for home, the old man called out to him and said, "Son ... whatever happens, don't u ever flip the book to it's last page .... remember these words ...or u will regret it!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Reaching home, he quickly asked his parents," Dad ... mom ... are there any new booksellers nearby?" "Not that we know of ... but we've heard of a creepy old man that appears only at nite during a full moon & then disappears just as mysteriously. Nobody knows who he is, or where he comes from but many have become victims in his wake... why son?""N-nothing just asking", said my friend & ran straight to his room.Nervously, he opened the book & began reading, all the time remembering the warning the old man had given him. But after a while, he grew tired & fell asleep. At midnite, as he was sound asleep in bed, a cold gush of wind blew in through his bedroom window which startled him and sent chills down his spine. He looked at his table & noticed the wind had blown the pages of the book to its last page!!!!! For awhile, he laid in bed - frozen in fear, but soon curiosity got the better of him.He had to know what was on the last page.Slowly he got out of bed & carefully picked up the book. As he glimpsed at the last page, he let out a blood-curling scream & fainted...

This is what he read on the last page:

>> >Retail Price : $ 10.99> >> >Promotional Price : $2.99"


Lol, I know very lame lah, but see I'm so nice to actually put it here :D Help you all destress leh! Quick say I'm nice!! Lol jk I shant bhb here LOL.

salt clan ^^v


Friday, 9 November 2007

Hey class, we having class outing during December, but date not confirmed yet. Can give suggestions on where to go ? Then me and Brenda can plan.

So sms us (Brenda and I) if you have ideas (:

kangning :D

1)Escape Theme Park, as it is only $7 during Nov-Dec as they are having their anniversary! If it is like last year, there will be free candyfloss, free carnival game!


Friday, 2 November 2007

Hellos PEOPLE :D
Brenda here(:

Yesterday's DRAMA NIGHT was a HUGE SUCCESS(: (for English_chinese I dunno)
*claps hands*

Kudos to:
Kangning&Chester- our BELOVED asm-;
Eugene -our ENTHUSIASTIC lead actor-;
Huixian- our BRILLIANT lead actress-;
YanLun- our TALENTED principal & rude student-;
Tzeyeng- our CHARISMATIC Narrator 1-;
Joshua- our FUNNY Narrator 2-;
Mervyn- our ABLE light man-;
SweeMin & Chengxiu- our UP-TO-TASK sound man(men)-;

And the always HELPFUL crew:
- Kenneth
- JunXiang
- Hueyying
- ZhiHan
- Serene
- Shirlyn
- Karwai
- Derek
- Justin

Sorry if I missed anyone out-
Drop a tag & I'll put it in immediately(:

we HAVE NOT HAD a class outing/ chalet.

Would you prefer
a) Chalet.
b) Outing.

Regardless of WHATEVER OPTION you choose.
Please state where and when(:

I'll miss you guys in the holidays(:
Have fun with CCA(:
Don't forget do your HOLIDAY ASSIGNMENTS(:

Oh btw, Im the one who changed the blogskin(:
Hope you all like it(:
And HUIXIAN- There's no Cbox, could you put one GREEN one in please(: Thankyou(:



Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Tomorrow is our performance! [Don't mean to put pressure ;p ]

Remember to bring all the props like the full dress rehearsal, and zhi han, PLEASE PLEASE bring the white cloth for their chairs!

ALL costumes must be present, and karwai / serene, please bring another tie for yan lun as mr jow says he cannot wear the school tie.

Actors, I hope you all didn't turn stony or sloppy over the few days, and please memorise your lines!

and the other people excluding the actors, please remember to wear black!
Crew, must work effeciently like the other classes!

Sound men, PLEASE PLEASE birng the music and do well!


report to innosphere by 7.45am tmr!

Good luck to us tomorrow, please perk up and give it your best shot! :D

kangning (:


Friday, 26 October 2007

Ok, to clarify, EL Speech and Drama's Technical Rehearsal is from 7.30 am to 11am.
The rest of the instructions in hx's post! I'll say the more important parts again.


Chester and myself should have a props checklist

Hui Xian MUST remember to bring the skirt!

Tze Yeng remember to bring your costume

Serene MUST remember to bring eugene's costume

Yan Lun MUST remember to bring your costume (if it's with you)

Derek/Zhi Han MUST MUST bring all props.

Karwai MUST bring the costumes with her!

Crew, props, lights, sound men, costume people and ASMs to wear school uniform/pe to school and BRING BLACK SHIRT AND JEANS!!

Sound men to know when the music is supposed to be on, off and which track

Light man to know when to on/off, lights to focus on where

Crew must work fast, no running, no touching curtains and stay out of audience's sight. Have about 40 seconds until lights turn on again.

ASMs to work well with the crew and props and be organised.


  1. Memorise lines
  2. Bring scripts
  3. Bring costumes
  4. No sloppy-ness, have a conversational tone with the other (Joshua)
  5. Project your voice, don't be afraid and do not speak too fast (Hui Xian)
  6. Keep up good work (Tze Yeng, Eugene and Brenda!)
  7. Be Firm ( Yan Lun!)

    Crew, props and ASMs
    1. No peeping from the curtains! (Zhi Han)
    2. Do not touch curtains
    3. Do not run across the stage to pass items.
    4. Please answer the phone when called by the people of the other side of the stage 'cos it may be an emergency.
    5. Bring the cotton wool, cloths, paper plates and utensils, piglet and some books (Derek/Justin/Zhi Han)
    6. Don't run when changing scene 'cos you may fall
    7. Get the scene change plans ( Chester and myself)
    8. To know the scence change plans clearly ( Crew/props/ASMs)

      1. Bring the remaining costumes that are with you!
Light Man and Sound men
  2. Be alert!

    Oh yeah, congrats to everyone's good results for EOYs! :D

    kang ning (:


Thursday, 25 October 2007

People in ES&D, please remember the Technical Rehearsal on Monday, 29 Oct 2007. It will start on 7.30am SHARP. Dont be late. Not sure what time it ends though =/

Please remember to bring the

Mhmm, stuff basically like that. And to the special guy, PLEASE STOP PEEKING OUT OF THE CURTAINS FOR GOODNESS SAKE. Everyone, remember that if you can see the audience, the audience can see you.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember to bring the stuff as even though it's not the real Drama Night, we'll got scolded real badly if we dont bring. So yeah, thanks alot, everyone! :D

Everyone is welcome to edit this post if I had made any mistakes, or I missed out anything to bring :)

salt clan ^^v


Tuesday, 9 October 2007


breaking free~ xD

Can't wait for outings and stuff! (:

Oh, and people in ES&D. Remember to bring your stuff and stay back for lessons from 9.30am to 11.30 am

Music people

Remember to bring two blank CDs and the music you guys found

Costume people

Remember to bring your COSTUMES!

Props people

Remember to bring Props! If not, I help you all bring la. I


MEMORISE your lines!!


Shirlyn 07 October
Tze Yeng 08 October
Julia&Juliet 14 October
ME! 19 October
Jiawei 23 October

kangning (:


Thursday, 27 September 2007

Well, 2 DOWN

7 TO GO~

kangning (:


Saturday, 22 September 2007

20th post!

People, good luck and add lubricant to reduce friction for EOYs mannn.

After that we can PARTAYE! (:

First two enemies - LANGUAGE PAPERS!


kangning (:


Sunday, 9 September 2007

Hey people who are very modest!

Remember that tomorrow is WEEK 1 , NOT week 2
kangning :D